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Our history

Every story has a beginning

After searching for almost 3 months a place to open our first branch, we finally found it on Pedro Loza st. (downtown Guadalajara). It was a very old place built with many sections, so we had to knock down almost everything to adapt our restaurant. We had a very tight budget (nowadays, a Cuarto de kilo® branch would cost 12 times more than the first one).

We did several taste tests before officially opening the restaurant, but we finally did it with great enthusiasm. A few days after the opening, we were joined by more Hosts to attend all our Guests.

A few days after the opening, more Hosts joined the pack to serve all the Guests who came to enjoy our great big burgers, a real Feast for a Beast.

Our inspiration

We are the antithesis of Fast-Food restaurants.

To offer big Cuarto de kilo® burgers grilled on charcoal: As if it were a weekend, attending our Guests, always enjoying being their Hosts and obsessing about giving them a different experience.

"Cuarto de kilo® is the exact weight of a burger"

"This is the Cuarto de Kilo® burger that is made with 250 grams of meat, a Feast to devour"

"Colossal. If you are one of those who believe that size matters, you will be fascinated with the portions (and taste) of these burgers"

"The Giant Cuarto de kilo®"

Cuarto de Kilo®
Cuarto de Kilo®

Av. Aviación 5051 Nave 3 (CityPark), San Juan de Ocotán, Zapopan, Jalisco, México. C.P. 45019. Teléfono: (33) 1657 1700

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