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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1 Do you prepare the meat?

    Yes, with the same recipe we started with.

  • 2 How does Beastly challenge work?

    Just tell the cashier or any of our Hosts that you want to achieve Beastly challenge! It does not matter if you order just one Cuarto de kilo® first and then the other one or both at the same time, what matters is that you manage to eat two Cuarto de kilo®, so prepare that appetite! When you finish Beastly challenge, we will take a photograph that will be part of our decoration.

  • 3 Are they all Cuarto de kilo®?

    Yes. Each meat pattie is weighed individually to always guarantee a Cuarto de kilo® (quarter kilo).

  • 4 Can I add or remove an ingredient?

    Of course! If you want to add or remove any ingredient just ask for it when ordering your food.

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